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Guestbook for 16th Dubai to Muscat Offshore sailing race
Colin Jaquiss(non-registered)
Hi Darren,
I am the Chief Instructor for the cruising scheme at DOSC and was skippering the club's boat Al Rashid on the Muscat. I am interested in displaying the photos of Al Rashid in our classroom and wondered how we would go about getting copies. They are picture numbers 14 and 107. (107 is black and white, is it available as colour?)

Best regards

Colin Jaquiss
Hi Darren, Can you sell the digital image, or do they only come as printed versions ?
Darren Rycroft anysportphotos
Hi Vivek,

Thanks and yeah, it was cool to do something a little different from my usual stuff and for sure I will do it again given the opportunity. Now I have seen the results I think I would try some different stuff next time as I can see what worked and what didn't...It's a learning curve don't you know...
Vivek Sathish
Loved them all !!! I'm sure it must have been really nice to photograph watersports !

Keep 'em comin !
Darren Rycroft anysportphotos
First up, I make no apology for posting more than a few shots up of 'Majan' This boat is so photogenic that I could not get enough images to do it justice...It was an awesome boat to photograph and therefore worthy of a few places on this album...Hope you don't mind !

That said, I had a great time photographing this event. It was my first time covering such an event and I would appreciate any critique from you in order to get the images your after...Just drop me a line or two and I will be more than happy to reply to your comments...

Good luck and happy sailing...

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